How To Understand The Nature Of Your Relationship

Last Update: 29, December 2018

As people vary in nature, relationships also do. We might have observed people who have different parameters of measuring happiness or sorrow. Similar is the case with all aspects of their lives including eating habits, personality traits and personal space.

If you want to understand exactly where your relationship stands, you need to understand the nature of relationship. For it, you might need to understand yourself first and then your partner and after it you’ll be able to know where your relationship is going.

There are a lot of parameters that need to be investigated or understood for understanding your relationship. Below are some most important ones of those factors: 

1. Head over heels in love

There are couples who are head over heels in love with each other. If you are the couple who loves cuddling and snuggling then your relationship might fall under this category. Moreover, if you find yourselves being highly comfortable with each other in PJs as well then you’re comfortable in your relationship and aren’t concerned about how your partner looks all the time. 

2. The independent duo

The independent duo always respects the individuality of the other. They love each other of course but they do have a life outside their relationship too. They like visiting friends and family and encourage each other as individuals. These couples are highly career and individuality oriented and such relations are very positive. 

If you’re in such a relationship that you both lead to a wonderful life if you give space to each other. This also adds to your understanding and love for each other as you’re enjoying outside your relationship as well and your relationship isn’t always the center of attention for you, which actually is a plus for a fruitful relation. 

3. The mature love birds 

The love birds who are mature in their relationship are mostly found avoiding the childish stuff. This phase is actually experienced by almost every couple in their 30’s - 40’s. In this phase, couples have acceptance and are less insecure because they become aware of each other’s nature and habits. 

However, it does not mean that couple don’t enjoy each other’s company at this time instead they are comfortable and harmonised with the routine of their partners. And they have the element of comfort to enjoy each other’s presence rather it be at tea time or something minimal.

4. Adventure lovers

Now comes the adventurous couple who enjoys travelling together and having fun in exploring new things together. Most of the time, such couples are nature lovers and love to travel the world. The best side of such a relationship is when both of the partners share adventurous habits. 

5. The cool love birds 

Lastly, comes the couples who share the coolest relationship ever. Although all of the above types of relations are bonded with love but this kind of relationship has the best friendship as its base. 

The couples who are best friends before life partners – share the most beautiful mental bonding. They are comfortable with each other in all aspects and always fight for each other like best friends before anything else. 

Check out the facts above and get to know about the nature of your relationship. 

After all, sharing a life with your loved one is the best feeling ever in the world!